Cheque Fraud Solution

We develop cheque fraud detection system, a smart innovative system that helps you detect any signs of fraud right from your most front lines. Different from other detection system, which much relies on staff comprehensive knowledge of and skill to recognise and identify fraudulent cheque, our system is automatically driven by integrated MICR reader and cheque image qualifier.

This automatic system is highly reliable, providing accurate detection which ensures that you and your customers are securely protected against fraud.

We care about your concern on providing the finest quality of customer service. Therefore, we only offer you a system which can help you reduce number of complaints from your innocent customers that are suffered from loss and, even worse, have to deal with the charge for the crimes that they never did.

We also care about your concern on creating and maintaining positive corporate image. Never let your banks listed on an investigation report or any record showing that fraudsters most frequently act in your banks! Otherwise, questions regarding the bank’s reliability in processing will rise, raising doubt among your customers and putting your corporate image at stake.

You need a solution that can help you create and image as a reliable financial service provider.

Make our cheque fraud detection system your first and main weapon to combat cheque fraud.

All features are integrated and function optimally to identify fraudulent cheques and minimise loss.


  • Ensure transaction security rightly from the front line
  • Protect business and customers against fraud
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Reduce loss