Cheque Book Issuing Systems

Would you like to know how to minimise cheque fraud? Decrease the cheque reject rate? Streamline chequebook issuing?

Cheque book production commonly uses laser technology and is performed at a central location, often outsourced by financial institutions. This creates a number of problems, such as increased numbers of cheque fraud, increased rejection rate and high on-going costs.

One of the ways to reduce such problems is to automate cheque issuing with MICR impact technology that consistently produce high quality cheques. BSS presents to you SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™, a cheque issuing/printing application for printing personalisation and encoding the MICR data with MICR Encoder and Personalisation Machines.

The SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™ produces reports that track all the issued cheques for control and security purposes. It can be configured to print the whole MICR line and personalised to print specific company details such as company name, branch code (BSB), account number and bank name.

The application has been successfully integrated with the following machines:


  • Print personalisation and MICR encoding simultaneously
  • User defined template - parameterised design
  • Multi level security/ access right
  • Reporting function to track all the cheque issued
  • MICR Impact Encoding Technology to minimise Cheque Fraud


  • Faster and more efficient chequebook issuing
  • Less ongoing cost using impact technology
  • Effectively manage cheque inventory